RBHS Band Room/Marching (Football) Field

Food & Drink


What to Bring

Getting There

Get acquainted with band parents that live in your area.  Arranging carpools cuts down on number of pick-ups/delivery for everyone and saves on gas, wear and tear on car/parent.


Park in the RBHS parking lot.  You can drop students off in the circle in front of the Performing Arts Center, but do not park there.

Can My Student Drive His/Herself?   

Yes, if your student is a licensed driver and has parent permission.

Can I Watch?    

Parents are always welcome to observe band practices. 

What do I need to know as a parent?      

This is an intensive two evenings of practice.  It helps solidify march/music learning and band members take a quantum leap in field show readiness.  Students can use this event to fundraiser for his/her own account by asking family members, relatives, grandparents, neighbors and others to sponsor them by the hour or flat fee for one or both Rehearse-a-Thon sessions.  100% of sponsorship funds turned in are credited to the student accounts.

Volunteer Opportunities         

Volunteers are always needed. Ask a Band Booster board member or committee chair how you can help for a single day or multiple activities throughout the band season.