Equipment Crew

Equipment Crew Info

The crew is responsible for the logistics and support of the 200+ members of the RBHS Royal Regiment during Marching Season and for several concerts in the spring season. We are tasked props, equipment and support needs to ensure the band has everything they need to perform. This includes setting up the stadium for the band at football games, transporting and loading equipment for parades, tournaments, and concerts, and maintenance of the band’s equipment and vehicles, some of which date back to prehistoric times.

We are a group of dedicated parents who, despite our busy jobs, travel, and other responsibilities, are never too busy to support the band. The RBHS Royal Regiment is far and away the winningest "team" at the school. The band students and staff have a long history of hard work and dedication, and the crew is proud to support this amazing group.

From September to late November, the crew is on duty on Tuesday nights for rehearsals and most Saturday afternoons and evenings (typically 3:00-11:00pm) for competitions. We also work the home football games on Friday evenings. One long but exciting day is our own RB Royal Regiment Tournament in October, where we, in addition to our regular duties, manage the parking and traffic flow. Our tournament season also includes the SCSBOA Championships road trip and our longest workday of the year (7am -11pm).

The time we spend as a team inevitably leads to new friendships. The crew becomes a very tight knit group as the year progresses, which of course results in antics and practical jokes, as well as many shared meals.

Our uniform: dark/black pants, black shoes, band shirt, black crew hat.

Recommended equipment: gloves, headlamp, hard toed shoes, Leatherman tool.

If you are interested in volunteering for crew, please submit your contact information via the Join the Equipment Crew button. If you have any questions, please CLICK HERE to email Susan Mahoney.