The Rancho Bernardo High School Orchestra program is one of the premiere string programs in San Diego County.

Rancho Bernardo is the only high school in the Poway Unified School District to offer more than one string class to accommodate students' playing ability. Advanced students perform with the Rancho Bernardo Chamber Orchestra, and all string students perform with select members from the wind ensemble as the Rancho Bernardo Symphony Orchestra, also known as the RBSO.

The Rancho Bernardo Orchestra program is regarded for its rigor and quality. Accolades include consistent superior ratings from competition judges, being showcased at a music educator conferences and performances in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Hawaii. Alumni have gone on to top performing ensembles around the world.

Should I audition?

Only students interested in our advanced class need to audition. All students that have been concurrently enrolled in their middle school orchestra program will be placed into the RBHS Orchestra program. Participation in the Rancho Bernardo Chamber Orchestra is only available to those who successfully earn a spot through audition.

What are the audition requirements?

  • All 3 octave major scales, quarter = 120, any articulation - director will select 2 (does not need to be memorized)
  • 1-minute excerpt of solo selection of your choice (copy for director not required; does not need to be memorized)
  • Sight-Reading

What are the expectations and commitment?

The Rancho Bernardo High School Orchestra is a renowned program. There are several contributing factors to consider as you become a member.

  1. Almost 60% of our members study privately. It is highly suggested to obtain a private teacher to aid with the challenge of the content.
  2. Practicing regularly is an established expectation in order to maintain the rigor of the course.
  3. Every single member receives weekly sectional coaching from a professional.
  4. Our members are dedicated and make a 4-year commitment to the program. All students from the past four graduating classes were accepted into a four-year university.
  5. There are limited time commitments outside of class time. Students participate in weekly rehearsals on Monday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30 pm in the second term.

Can I try a new instrument?

The program is in great need of viola, cello, and double bass players to balance the ensemble's instrumentation. These students are typically favored for our advanced class. If you are interested in switching, you may be provided an instrument at no cost.

For more information regarding the RBHS orchestra program, please CLICK HERE to email Mr. Christy.