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Is there a requirement to be in the RBHS Band Program?

Our program philosophy believes that in order to maintain a successful music program, students in the RBHS band should participate in a seamless music experience from grades 5 through 12. Any student entering the RBHS music program is expected to be consistently enrolled in their middle school program. This is absolutely essential to establish the music foundation necessary for high school. Missing your 8th grade year of band would be equivalent to attempting a marathon after taking a year off from training.

Can I play a sport or do another activity on campus while in band or color guard?

Yes! Many of our students are involved in a variety of activities and sports (football, cross country, volleyball, soccer, water polo, swimming, track, etc).

Do I earn PE credit for doing marching band?

Yes! Enjoy your high school PE experience by taking advantage of the opportunity to earn PE credit for participating in marching band.

Why should I continue in music?

All of the time that you have spent improving on your instrument will continue to pay off as you move along in music. In this day and age, most colleges have numerous applicants with high GPA and SAT scores. Being in band will set you apart from your peers when you apply to colleges. Most universities and future employers value 21st century skills taught daily in band such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, creativity, responsibility, etc.

Will I be able to attend a four year college if I participate in band?

Yes! 95% of the band seniors attend a 4 year university. The remaining 5% usually attend a junior college and will transfer to a 4 year university in two years. With over 1,000 band alumni, there are numerous ways to successfully meet all college requirements, while participating in the award winning band program at RBHS.