The student leadership team (section leaders) is a dynamic group that serves and promotes the Rancho Bernardo Royal Regiment. 

Section leaders are selected each spring for the upcoming school year.  Students applying for section leader should be a member in good standing with the program, musically proficient (grade level or higher) and a strong model of the character.  All students who turn in an application must interview with Mr. Otani.  Section leaders will be selected prior to the start of summer.

Your section leader will serve as a mentor and advocate for your section.  Section leaders have many responsibilities throughout the year including: answering questions, helping with music and marching, helping with instrument checkout, taking attendance, running sectionals, managing lockers, volunteering when help is needed and communicating section needs to Mr. Otani.  If you have a concern, please talk to Mr. Otani or your section leader and we will address any concerns that you have in our weekly section leader meetings.