Band Uniform Information

Uniform Under-Garments

Band members must wear the proper “under-garment” clothing to achieve the best possible appearance when in uniform.  Please adhere to the following guidelines for uniform under-garments:*

  • Black short-sleeve slim-fit V-neck shirt (dry-fit wicking fabric is preferred)  

Shirts can be found at Target or Wal-Mart in the underwear or active sports departments.

  • Form fitting shorts any color (e.g., compression shorts, bike shorts, yoga pants… NO baggy basketball shorts and no pockets)
  • Black crew (calf-length) socks (Must be plain black.  NO ankle socks.  NO visible logos or designs.)
  • Black shoes  

Shoes to be purchased/ordered at uniform fitting. All band members wear the same brand/style marching band shoes.

  • Clean white gloves 

Gloves to be purchased/ordered at uniform fitting.  Percussion members do not wear gloves.


General Uniform Rules and Information


  • The band uniform includes the following pieces:
    • Jacket
    • Pants
    • Gauntlets (Wrist Coverings)
    • White Gloves (Percussion sections do not wear gloves)
    • Shako (Hat) (Percussion Pit section does not wear a Shako)
    • Plume (Feather that goes in the Shako)
    • Black Socks
    • Black Dinkles (Shoes)
    • 2 Small Mirrors Velcroed to Front of Jacket (Bass Drum and Tuba sections do not wear mirrors)
  • NO make-up of any kind. NO earrings or jewelry. If your gloves have cut fingertips or you play percussion, NO fingernail polish.  NO intense or unnatural hair color. 

Tournament judges check the band for uniformity of appearance.  Fashion and cosmetic accessories are not permitted.

·         Band members are responsible for proper care of their uniforms.  Section leaders and uniform crew volunteers will assist and teach new members how to put on uniforms, hang uniforms, clean shoes, etc.

·         Hair must be tucked completely up underneath the Shako during performances.  Chaperone volunteers will assist with this at tournaments.

·         Questions about uniforms?  Email